We start this page with (anti)racism, but hope that in the future other topics like ability, classism and sexism will be reflected here as well.

Anti-racist and active in solidarity

No climate justice without anti-racism! Racism is everywhere.

Contrary to the narrative “something like this would only exist on the right wing”, racism is rooted in the most diverse social groups in Germany. Even structures critical of power that reject exclusion and discrimination are not free of racism and colonial-ideological continuities. This also affects actors of the German climate (justice) movement, such as Ende Gelände, Fridays for Future and Co. [ Read further ]


What is ableism?

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Ableism refers to the devaluation and structural discrimination of people with disabilities. Ableism is about how non- disabled people evaluate the lives of people with disabilities, what images and stereotypes they have in their minds when they think of people with disabilities. But it is also about the barriers that society creates and maintains. People are disabled by society. Some people therefore refer to themselves as a “person affected by rejectionism”, a “disabled person”, or a “person with a disability”. [ Read further ]