„Sani-Konsens” – Consensus for paramedics at EG

As organizers and coordinators of all paramedics at EG, it is important to us that you read the following consensus and identify with it:

As paramedics at demonstrations („Demosanis”), we solidarize with the contents of the respective action and see ourselves as part of the action in which we participate (labeled as “passive action”, e.g. as accompaniment, or labeled as ”activist”, e.g. as reference-group paramedic ). Thus, it is important for us not to be perceived as service providers.

We will give our best to provide for an optimal medical supply for everyone who takes part in the action. Our focus lies on the physical and psychological intactness of all participants. Accordingly, we only act in compliance with our level of training and knowledge and choose a self-marking (uniform, etc.) that corresponds with our abilities (i.e. does not convey “false security” to the participants).

Our aim is to avoid structures that might cooperate with repressive organs, such as rescue services and hospitals. Nevertheless, in emergencies, the most important thing is the physical integrity of the person affected. In close consultation with the person affected (or their caregiver), we will therefore quickly seek external help if necessary.

We see ourselves as part of the anti-repression-structure and therefore strive for a good cooperation among ourselves (with other Demo-Paramedic-Teams), with investigation committees, Out of Action and the Red Help. We set a high value on maintaining the anonymity of everyone. We will not arbitrarily publish injury numbers or other information, through which conclusions on individual persons could be made. This applies both to the use of social media and to our dealings with the press. Of course, we do not cooperate with the police and do not make any statements to the police and judiciary, even if this means to be affected by repression in case of doubt .
Therefore: Look into the consequences and situations which can meet you as a paramedic. One thing is certain: We are many and none of us will be left alone with repression.

We are looking forward to working with you!

Contact: sani@ende-gelaende.org ( PGP )