Programme System Change Camp 2023

The program of the System Change Camp 2023 is out and one thing is for sure: There is a lot of exciting and diverse program, there is certainly something for everyone! We will start on Sunday, 30 July, with a joint camp set-up day (the days before will also be spent setting up) and the opening plenary at 18:00. The workshop programme will then start on Monday, 31 July and run until Sunday, 6 August.

Dear people, this program overview is preliminary. You will find the current program overview from Sunday evening at the camp, please have a look at the program board near the program tent, this will always be kept up to date. Sometimes something changes again within a very short time, so check before each workshop slot to see if the location has changed. Sometimes we also have to change the times and move the workshop to an earlier/later slot. We try to keep the days the same. We know that you would like to have security and predictability, but we are a small program group and everything is self-organized. So it’s normal for things to change. If something is unclear to you, please ask:
  • Are you a participant and do you have questions about the program? Come to the info tent!
  • Are you a speaker at a workshop and do you have any questions? Feel free to come to the program tent!
  • Your question is urgent or you are not yet at the camp? Then write an email to .

Here you can download the programme as a PDF : ProgrammeSystemChangeCampEN.pdf (Last updated 3rd August, 11:00 PM) and here is a rough daily structure .

Brief descriptions of the workshops in English and German
Here you will find the short descriptions of the workshops, films, readings & Co. as well as the day on which the workshop will take place. We make every effort to keep this list up to date. Nevertheless, it may be that a workshop or the description is missing, or that there is a workshop in it that will no longer take place at all. The current program with the exact times and tents can only be found on the program board on site at the System Change Camp.

Here are a few highlights from eight days full of programme:

Let’s fetz – and talk strategy!
Starting with workshops on strategy basics, we want to pick up the threads of the strategy conference debates in Cologne, unravel them further and weave new bonds out of them. And take time to argue again! There are enough topics: our relationship to parties, the question of organising, a struggle with or without workers or the future of civil disobedience actions. You have an opinion? Come to the System Change Camp from 30.7. to 6.8. and join the discussion!
By the way – if you want to read up on the state of the debates: Soon you can read the minutes of the conference on!

Learning space anti-colonialism
From the Sapmí to the Atacama Desert; from coal to lithium mining: at the System Change Camp there will be a variety of workshops on anti-colonial struggles. How can we learn from these struggles? How can we relate to these struggles in solidarity? Let’s listen, find answers and make plans at the System Change Camp in Hanover.

Market of opportunities
Thursday belongs to the initiatives and campaigns that are currently driving the movement. Everything is possible at this market: Fighting together with “Fighting together”, networking to occupy so that Leinemasch, Sterki and other forests stay. And then, with the regional networking of Ende Gelände, off we go, #WeRideTogether to the System Change Camp.

Against all repression
Whether subversively creative or in practical solidarity. We have to counter the increasing repression against the struggles of the climate justice movement together and in many ways. Rebellion against repression! In addition, there will be workshops on police criticism and abolitionism.

From 1st aid to the first occupation. A rolling stone gathers no moss, because even if this camp takes place without (mass) action, we want to use the opportunity to sharpen our skills for the abolition of capitalism, neo-colonialism, patriarchy and everything else that stands in the way of a good life for all. You don’t need anything but yourself – and maybe a bathing suit, because there will probably also be a paddling workshop.

Fun, games and a colourful package of culture
Who says resistance happens in the mind? Come to the System Change Camp to make decorative items, cuddle under supervision and rehearse empowering theatre performances. And swing your drumsticks with the Rhythms of Resistance and dance to the music of bands and DJs during the evening programme! The party goes on every day at the System Change Camp from 30.7. to 6.8. in Hanover.

Connecting struggles
For a system change we have to connect struggles and build new alliances, whether anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, or both? The second half of the System Change Camp will continue the process of building a radical, anti-colonial and anti-capitalist alliance of the climate justice movement. Want to join? Then we’ll see you at the System Change Camp from 30.7. to 6.8. in Hanover!