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Ende Gelände is already supported by hundreds of interesting people and we are always excited to get new people on board and to onboard them. Since the structures of Ende Gelände are complicated when viewed from the outside and are constantly changing, here you will find the information you need to get started!

Here you will not find any information about individual actions but about the alliance itself!


Ende Gelände consists of a supra-regional structure and many local groups (OGs). The supra-regional structure is organized in working groups (AGs) and meets regularly at the “alliance meetings” in different cities.
Is that too much for you? Then come to the mass actions or to the actions of local groups!


Local groups (colloquially Ortsgruppen) primarily influence politics in their area and work on different focal points. In addition, they advertise the mass actions and organize preparatory meetings and arrivals. The organization of the local groups is very diverse. Most of the time you can just drop in by their plenaries/meetings to organize yourself there. It’s best to check out their social media channels or their website, if applicable. If you can’t find any information about the next plenum or meeting there, write them an email and ask. Some local groups have specific admission procedures or are not currently accepting people. However, most local groups are open to all people and try to break down barriers to participation.

There is no local group in your region yet? Then take a look at this brochure to see how you can start one and contact us: info@ende-gelaende.org
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The supra-regional structure is often referred to as an “Bündnisstruktur” (alliance structure). This terminology is misleading because it does not consist of delegates from the local groups. The supra-regional structure organizes the mass actions and discusses all supra-regional matters. It meets every few weeks at “Bündnistreffen” (Alliance Meetings) in different cities or online, and there is often an introduction for those who are interested. Bündnistreffen can be attended by everyone, the respective dates can usually be found here . The Bündnisstruktur is organized into working groups (AGs), each of which works differently. Some work only for mass actions, others all year around. If you would like to get involved here, it is best to send an email to the respective working group and ask whether they are currently taking on new people.

Write us!

At irregular intervals there is an onboarding for those who are interested. Do you want to be informed about the next date? Do you have general questions? Or are you not getting an answer from the local group or working group? Then write an email to info@ende-gelaende.org ( PGP-Key ).


There are different communication channels within Ende Gelände. At the Bündnistreffen that take place every few weeks, the most important decisions are made by consensus and there is an introduction for those who are interested. Minor decisions are made at the regular “Kopla” (a telephone conference primarily between delegates from the working groups and local groups). The Bündnisstruktur communicates via an email list which everyone who has attended a Bündnistreffen is able to receive e-mails from. There is also an (german) e-mail list that all local groups are on to exchange ideas. Many people at Ende Gelände are also on the e-mail list of the climate justice movement in Germany, anyone can register there, simply send an empty e-mail to klimabewegungsnetzwerk-subscribe@lists.riseup.net . Finally, there is also a cloud for storing data.

How we work

Ende Gelände is carried out entirely on a voluntary basis. This is reflected in the way we work. Everyone makes mistakes and there is a lot of skill sharing. Sometimes it takes a little time for newcomers to arrive in AGs and feel like they can contribute, don’t worry. The only important thing is to be open to the people and working methods and to ask questions if necessary. Even if you are new, we look forward to you getting involved in a way that suits you.


A lot is happening at Ende Gelände, which is why there are different information channels.
Social media: English Twitter Account , Twitter (German) , Facebook (German) , Instagram (English translation in comments) , Mastodon , Telegramchannel (mostly German)
Newsletter: There is a bilingual newsletter every few months. Register at the top of this page .
Podcast: We bring out new podcast episodes at irregular intervals in German
The local groups also have their own social media channels, which you can find here