Corona Concept for Rügen 2023

Covid is not over. Currently, there is an increasing number of infections again. Our action and camp take place  outdoors, where the probability to infect each other with Covid or other airborne diseases is lower than indoors. Still, we want to be careful and act in solidarity with vulnerable groups.

What we ask everyone to do

  • If you have Covid or are unsure if you might have it, please do not come!
  • If you want to make the action and camp safer for everyone, you can test yourself, wear a mask, or do both.
  • If someone near you asks you to keep more physical distance or wear a mask, please do so!
  • But please also remember that some people cannot wear a mask, for example, to be able to communicate. Please respect that.
  • Please bring masks and, if possible, tests to be able to test yourself in case you get relevant symptoms during the days on Rügen. Again, let’s show solidarity and share masks and tests with each other.

What we will do

  • We will provide information about this concept before the camp/action and on the ground.
  • We will raise awareness that people can test themselves and wear a mask to make the the camp and action safer and ask people who have Covid or are unsure about it to stay home.
  • We will have some FFP2 masks on site. Our stock will be limited, however.
  • We will try to create areas in the camp  where people can isolate themselves in case the get infected with Covid on the site.

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