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Przepraszamy, niestety ta strona nie jest jeszcze dostępna w języku polskim.

Consensus regard cultural appropriation

Ende Gelände has the following position on white locks and cultural appropriation:
“White locks are closely linked to cultural appropriation. If you as white people wear locks, please cover them at the camp and in Ende Gelände actions. Please also be sensitive to other cultural symbols, whether and how you appropriate them and do not instrumentalize them, at Ende Gelände and elsewhere. This applies, for example, to war bonnets, bindis, kimonos and “Afro”-wigs. Deal with the issue of cultural appropriation. We also condemn any form of financial exploitation of cultural elements of marginalised communities and fight in solidarity against capitalism and neo-colonialism.”
How the issue is pointed out at the Systemchangecamp 2023 (e.g. signs with QR codes, careful addressing, etc.) is left up to the awareness structures, but should be based on last year’s handling.
This consensus was agreed on 23.7. at the KoPla plenary.